SMii7Y, pronounced Smitty is a versatile content creator existing on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and many other social medias alike. Starting his official YouTube career in 2011, it's safe to say he's been around the block and his online existence dates even further back with a few other channels before his current one dating back to the even earlier days of YouTube in 2008-2009.

With a love and understanding for both graphic design and fashion, he's always wanted to strive to create some of the best merchandise in his eyes for his audience to enjoy and wear.

The original iconic milkbag mascot was actually created by him back in 2015 to which he admits,

"It's not my greatest work. But it reminds me of how far I've come. Not necessarily in terms of graphic design, because that had to take a backseat for my content creation efforts to shine. It represents a pivotal moment in my career. That makes it so much more special to me."